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Application for a Site

First Name:
Cell No:
Physical Address:
Full description of items to be exhibited/sold
(Photo to be sent to info@leisureislefestival.co.za and subject must have your name clearly marked)
In what way is the product LOCAL
If electricity supply or trailer on site is required furnish full details and motivation:
NOTE: There is a very limited availability and extra charges of R150 for trailer sites and R100 for electricity apply.
Amount due:
R150 registration and if applicable: plus electricity R100, plus on-site trailer R150

Please mail proof of payment, along with your name & surname clearly marked, to info@leisureislefestival.co.za
In the event that this application is not accepted the amount paid will be refunded.

Submitted by the above-named on the clear understanding that the terms of participation as set out under book a site and conditions are clearly understood and binding.

Banking details:

  • Leisure Isle Festival
  • FNB - Knysna
  • Account number 62603807720
  • Branch 210214